Remote sites especially farms can be some of the most challenging sites to secure due to their size and multiple access points.

In the past there were two ways to overcome these problems, underground ducts and overhead catenaries. Both of these solutions can be expensive and in many cases impractical.

With the advancements in wireless technology we can now install reliable alarm and CCTV systems across large remote sites.



Our early warning external alarm sensors can be positioned across entrances or inside remote farm buildings. The sensors can be easily moved as and where they are needed.

If an alarm activation is received at the base station it can ring a number of phone numbers of your choosing. Using your mobile phone or laptop you can view your CCTV system to see what triggered the sensor.


  • Install multiple long range wireless sensors.
  • Transmit images using the latest wireless technology
  • Keep an eye on livestock, especially at lambing and calving times.
  • View and control your CCTV system on your smart phone or laptop from anywhere in the world.
  • Keep track of production processes and deliveries.
  • Keep on top of your Health and Safety commitments.